Slow Magic

Sunday night I was treated to an amazing performance by the mysterious Slow Magic. Sporting a laptop and two drums he flowed through his new album How to Run Away, and also some fan favourites from Triangle.

He was also awesome enough to give me a few minutes of his time after the show for a quick portrait.

Canoe Lake Wedding

A few weeks ago I experienced my first visit to Algonquin to shoot a wedding at Camp Wapomeo on Canoe Lake. This was also the first time a wedding has been held on the island, and I don’t see it being the last.

This is a small selection of photos from what could be the most beautiful wedding I have ever photographed.

A special thank you goes out to Ginger, Michael and Jennifer for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of their special day.

Weekend With Ty

Last weekend I took a trip to Montreal with a good friend for Pop Montreal and caught my first live performance of the one and only Ty Segall at Club Soda.

The energy in the building was insane, as the Manipulator Band prepared for what would be a crazy crowd surfing, stage diving good time. Ty and the gang ripped through most of their new album Manipulator, while sneaking in some fan favourites off Slaughterhouse andTwins.

Canada’s #1 Demolition Derby

Labour Day weekend for most kids growing up meant that the summer was over and it’s back to school time. However, when I was growing up Labour Day weekend meant more than just back to school, it meant The Paris Fair … and more specifically The Demolition Derby!!

Every Saturday night on Labour Day weekend at the Paris Fair, excited families arrive hours ahead of time to lay down blankets in the bleachers to save their spot for Canada’s #1 Demolition Derby. This year I had the sheer pleasure of capturing the excitement from the mud flying sidelines, along with some intimate portraits of the drivers in the pit while awaiting their chance to grind some metal.

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