Viet Cong

I was super excited when I heard that my current favourite band Viet Cong from Calgary, Alberta announced a free show at the Opera House for Converse Rubber Tracks Live. 

Coming off a handful of cancelled shows because their drummer broke his hand, he walked onto stage with his left hand replaced by a huge bloody monster hand. The band ripped through their new self titled album, who were then joined by members of Absolutely Free to help finish album closer “Death” stretching a 10min epic into an insane 20min stage destroyer. 


Osheaga 2013

To celebrate the full festival lineup and 10 year anniversary of Osheaga, I present to you a selection of images from my visit to Montreal in 2013 for this amazing festival. 

I decided to take my very first camera which was a hand me down from my parents, an Olympus OM-10 with a 50mm. Four rolls of B&W 3200, and four rolls of Fuji colour slide film, however when the film was processed the slide film got sandwiched together, and I ended up with a variety of unintentional double (and sometimes triple) exposures. 

Our Roots Are Showing

Late last year I was commissioned by Tourism Toronto to shoot a variety of restaurants for their upcoming 2015 issue of Toronto Magazine. The photos were for an article by writer Amy Rosen entitled ‘Our Roots Are Showing’ which explores the ethnic diversity in Toronto’s food scene. 

Here are a selection of images taken for the article including Susur Lee’s 2.0 take on nouvelle chinoise Luckee, Persian restaurant Takht-e-Tavoos with it’s Bedouin-esque lounge, and Bar Buca with it’s four-star Italian bar food.



Bar Buca

Scotch Line Landfill

Late last summer I was sent on assignment by Cottage Life magazine to photograph the Scotch Line Landfill in Minden, Ontario. All I knew going into the shoot was that there were apparently bears, lots of bears, and also garbage, lots of garbage.

What I also found were two incredibly nice and enthusiastic employees, lots of interesting piles of one man’s trash, another man’s treasure. And at the very end of the night Scotch Line became African ‘Bear’ Safari, with droves of family’s lined up to watch the bears chomp on trash.

Chip Zdarsky

Hanging out with Chip Zdarsky the other day was fun, like.. really fun. The co-creator and artist of Time
magazine’s 2013 comic of the year Sex Criminals is incredibly talented and just brimming with creativity.
Crude drawings, aviator sunglasses, and rubber ducks made for a memorable photoshoot.

Not only is Chip an incredible artist, but he’s also a brilliant and hilarious writer as well. Which is probably why Marvel Comics chose him to write a new comic for one of their classic characters Howard the Duck, who made a recent appearance in one of the biggest films of 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy.

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