Growing up in a small town of 8500 people, it was always a challenge finding something interesting or unique to do. When I was in high school a few friends formed a band called The Vermicious Knid, I was intrigued by this and when they posted some info for a show they would be playing at the local YMCA in Brantford I decided to check it out. 

This one show led to me to seeing shows on a weekly basis with a small group of amazing people who also had an intense passion for music. However we soon realized we were running out of options for putting on these small shows, so a few people decided to create one. The Ford Plant was an all ages venue downtown Branford that lived amongst the desolate downtown with boarded up buildings and absolute silence in the evenings, except for the one little corner where 30-50 kids would gather every week, and it changed my life.

Almost five years ago The Ford Plant closed down and the Brantford music scene went completely quiet, until a few people new and old to the scene started putting on small shows again at The Brantford Station Gallery. This past weekend the curators known as ZZZ put together it’s first festival known as SnooZZZefest which brought in roughly 100 people with reuniting bands, 3 days of music, an art auction, a river show, custom made pillows for each band and much more. The festival also prides itself on being produced with No!! sponsors, No!! government funding, No!! profit$, No!! bullshit, just FUN!

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