Caution Children at Play

It is 11am on a warm sunny spring Saturday, and as I stroll through the neighborhood, empty streets, empty stores and empty parks are all that remain. Covid-19 has ripped through our planet, changing our routines, our habits, our networks and our lives permanently and left a dusty trail in its wake. As we all try to stay inside, and flatten the curve we are all considering how this will change our day to day moving forward in our social circles, working relationships and many more. 

We are also having the lives of our future jeopardized, the social development of children and adolescence will suffer drastically. Social development can take place in the family, but as a child grows their peer group becomes the most important hub of social development. Most children are regularly taken to playgrounds which help develop physical coordination, strength and flexibility while supporting their important social and emotional development. 

Like with my past body of work “Sky Diving”, the playground is a  public space that is currently being caution taped, and abandoned exactly like the public outdoor swimming pool. This is a sight we may never (let’s hope) see again, and these images are being produced to show the desolation and emptiness of something once beloved and used by many, in its altered, empty and abandoned state from an elevated angle.

I hope you are all safe and healthy, we are going to get through this together x

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